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Ruth Zeitler & Freya


IRISH WOLFHOUND, 5 YEARS OLD Long-term treatment with anti-inflammatory drugs was not an option with our 4-year old dog. Our Freya had severe Problems with lameness and pain in her left foot. After the Stem cell treatment she is showing no symptoms from her pre-existing condition. We would recommend the treatment to any owner whos […]


Dr. Claudia Pelzmann & Dodo

Dodo, mešanka, 2 leti

HALF-BREED, 2 YEARS OLD Dodos joint problems first appeared as she was 7 months old. As she was still young and in her growing phase we decided to opt in for the stem cell therapy. In order to provide the joint with more stability one of the knees was operated initialy and afterwards Dodos own (multiplied) […]


Dagmar Stadler & Sancho


LABRADOR, 9 YEARS OLD Soon after the treatment Sancho could stand up, run, walk up the stair and jump around on his own. That was not the case at the time of the diagnosis. We could see that he regained 100% of the will-power that he had before. Now, a year after the treatment you […]